Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hellraiser Flower 4: Zombies Ate My Flower

Hello Strangers

It has been pointed out that I have been a bit crap about updating lately but I am trying again now so....

Anyway I have been reading an origami book called Project Origami by Thomas Hull.  It is the geekiest book ever and it applies complex mathematics and origami through a series of projects.  It has been very interesting for me but I cannot say there is much that is even remotely interesting or comprehensible to others in it.  I did however learn that each time you divide a square in origami it becomes more accurate.  That is if you fold a sheet in half and then into quarters and then into eighths the eighths will be more accurate than the half you divided the page by to begin with.  

Anyway with this principal in mind I revisited an old design and found that with the same size piece of paper I could fit 4 of my hellraiser flowers onto a single sheet.  I have also worked out to interlock these flowers into a cube similar to the old design but will take a bit of time actually making these.