Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Architecture 2 ....

So these structures can become more complex as you add more of these corners.  The nice thing is that by using 4 corners you can make a square platform.  You can also use sets of corners to cascade up and make a set of steps.

Now here is where thinking about a show came in.  I like to show off completed things.  I have a Ziggeurat and a Cowboy hat that take this even a step further but the clean formal initial pieces in the last post and this one seem to be stronger as abstract compositions and more communicative about the whole process.

So for the show I want to line a corridore like space with these pieces hung on the wall in doubles left being a top view, right being a bottom and ending with a staircase on the floor with its underside hanging from the ceiling. All made from cheap 2m square white paper. I like memocube paper I really like big memocube paper.


Monday, 11 May 2009


So I had a vague conversation about another show the other day and it got me thinking about structure.  I have been obsessing over a sculpture for the last wee while. (some explanation of my lack of posting but not an excuse) One of the things I really enjoy about origami is the simple ideas. 

I came up with a fold a few years back which made a right angled corner in the middle of a sheet of paper.  Of course I saw the Enigma Bowl by David Mitchell and realised once again that one very rarely discovers anything new.  

However the nice thing about the fold involved is that it makes lovely structures. So I have posted a series of experiments here creating simple structures from the idea then becoming more complex.