Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hellraiser flower cube

So the interlocking method on the flowers continues through till you make 2 sets of 3 and then you combine them all.  I have to say here that a chill went up my spine when I finished it for the first time because I was suddenly reminder of Clive Barkers Hellraiser films.  All of them were centred around a puzzle box that was extremely complex but if solved opened a gatway to hell.  A bit over the top I know but I do remember thinking it at the time.  And now it is a good excuse for cheap special effects.

Interlocking flowers

So.. thinking about the modular origami thing again.  I came up with what I describe as a flower a few years back.  It isn't really a flower of any kind that I can think of but it is abstract and has symetry.   I then discovered modular origami and began to reassess the possibility of old abstract designs.  while doing so I came across the interlinking method which I have photographed here.  


Monday, 10 November 2008

Bouncy Ziggurat

Following the discovery of the folds that make the cowboy hats dome section I realised you could repeat the same principle to make more complex structures.  The ziggurat is actually made up of a diagonal grid with the corners tucking into each other under the base.  After making this I saw an Eiffel Tower diagram which is really nice and uses the same basic idea.