Thursday, 7 October 2010

Story arc

So I have been thinking allot lately.  Working too hard and sadly as a result making allot of progress.  Sadly because it is an apparent fact that I come up with better ideas when I am under duress.  I think it is why I like origami.  It is a completely uninterested practice.  Very few people I know even know other people who make it and when I am concentrating on other things I seem to relax when I consciously think about origami.

So I had an idea recently.  I thought to make a wave on the edge of a triangle of paper.  It is pretty sad as an idea and I don't even think I like the result but it was the start of a few good lines of enquiry that I like the results of.  I think the wave as an idea is the result of making Robert Lang's Nautilus ages ago but it really just came to me.

I worked on it and the fold pattern turned out to be quite versatile.

The story arc in the title refers to the fact I came up with this over a month ago and I have generated two new full designs and one whole new school of origami for me from this starting point.  I hope to write these up in imminent blogs and through the time travelling power of links interconnect the four blogs I plan to write ( including this one ) into clear lines of development.

So these images are of the wave fold pattern and the wave as well as the bulls head (also bad) and the bowl (still not good). 

I have also tried to add a couple of gadgets to the blog.  I do not know if this is a good idea or not but I am trying to be as modern as I can be.