Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Virtual Origami

Sorry about the blogging splurge. Lots of old ideas to share but new stuff is happening.

I have been obsessing about virtual interpretations of origami for some time now. I have recently undertaken the mind bending project of making a 3d model of the hellraiser flower I wrote up in 2008. The inspiration is the idea that if models can be made of these objects then maybe someone can explain to me how to apply the geometry of movement to a 3d model so it can be animated. This would make the animations I have made much simpler to generate. I personally think the future of origami on the web is 3d models that you can get to fold in an animated way to get past the incomprehensibility of most advanced origami instructions.

So here is the hellraiser flower reinterpreted as a 3d object and posed to look like the images I posted of the real origami object. And I have also posted the sketchup model here which I can rotate in my browser but I am not sure how accessible this is.

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