Sunday, 7 June 2009

more stairs

So in looking at the way in which a staircase is made in real life I have attempted to articulate it in graphic form.  

The real problem is that paper is a much more complex and actually not hard geometry but something much more subtle.  

The real tactility of the origami object is really its strength.  Sorry, I am  just finding it strange to have finally have got to the stage where 3d imaging is possible with my level of modelling an it really just makes me look more at the real origami object.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Structure 2

So I have been fiddling with the four corners combined and ended up with something fun but a bit rediculous.

It does however have some strange structural properties, the larger one that is.  


Having extolled the virtues of simplicity of form I turn around and complicate an idea.  This happened in two ways:

The first being modelling.  I have been working with a 3D modelling programme called Sketchup for a sculptural project. I had a go looking at how the simple folds in the previous architecture posts could be modelled.

And combined....  

And I have now made all of these as actual objects.  The final image here is the beginning of a much more complex piece...