Friday, 27 August 2010

Tintin Rocket Workshop

For my sins I have agreed to do a workshop today between 4 and 6pm at the Woodmill Depot in Bermondsey.

I said to the organisers that I would go through a series of models that I had designed myself teaching people how to make them and explaining the processes that are behind the designs.  This is much scarier than it sounds.  I have developed a series of step by step models (each step as a separate piece of paper).  I have the butterfly, tintin rocket, scorpion, and squid ready with a more complicated plan for presenting the hellraiser flower.  This is all to say that I have been thinking about this all too much.  I am thinking I will present a basic extrapolation petal folds as a very versatile element in design in my own development.

I have included the tintin rocket photos here.  I realised I have never documented it.  It is I think the first model of my own design.  It is at least 15 years old and I find it very strange to even conceive of what my thought processes were when I made it first.

What I think scares me is how simple it seems and that no one will see anything exciting in it.  I am sure that if I tried to present all my work in 2 hrs I would confuse and annoy but it is strange all these models are at least 5 years old and there are so many good models in the world.  My current pieces are so abstract that naming them would almost be lying.  Too much time making origami I think.  And of course I got distracted and have discoverd a new fold and started making claws or eagles or goat heads from it.  Grrr always everything at once.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the rocket it is still nostalgic to me.

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