Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Wallet 3

These two designs are a bit insane. They developed from the corner listed in the last post.

Images 1 & 2 : the ziggurat fish. This half made bouncy ziggurat has the impression of a more organic object thus the 'fish'. This is odd as it is a working model for a more complex ziggurat with a ramp or steps up one side.

Images 3 & 4 : waterfall. When I made the steps using the same corner fold I enjoyed its solid architectural feel. If you fill a page edge to edge with corned folds the pleating and splaying are conversely very organic. I may make a less regular version of this.

That about wraps it up. That wallet is now refilled with crisp unfolded paper and I will try to post more about what I am doing along the way. I have three other wallets but that is getting ridiculous.

The Wallet 2

Image 1 : corner. This is an origami corner I use in things like my ziggurat, cowboy hat and the Eiffel Tower I made in Paris but found out had almost fold for fold been designed by someone else earlier.

Image 2 : umbrella investigation. I was looking at the construction and folding of an umbrella and am working towards a similar plan for a sheet of paper and this is one of the accidents I came across on the way.

Image 3 : intertwined snakes. That is a reaching description of this development from my new base fold which I have yet to figure out how to make into something less abstract.

Image 4 : centipede segment. I think I will do a class on how to fold this piece. It is a segment of the centipede I came up with a while ago. If I got 50 people to make one each and we link them together (that is part of the design). We could make the hundred legs I have been very slowly working towards on my own.

The Wallet 1

I was thinking that I just haven't posted in a while and that might imply that I do not do origami very often. This sadly is not the case. I am posting here the contents of my origami wallet. A small plastic envelope ( kindly gifted to me by Rachel ) that contains about 100 pieces of memocube paper. I often fold something and then unfold it and flat-pack it back into this wallet. I went to find a fresh piece of paper the other day and realised there were none. So last night I emptied out the wallet, refolded the origami pieces in it and have photographed a few of them here. Due to the limited number of images I can include per post this may take a few.

Image 1 : parabola. I have worked out that not only can you make an approximate parabola by folding one edge of a sheet of paper to a central point but that this can be be used as a basis for approximating the intersection of two curved planes. That is as close as I will ever get to explaining that.

Image 2 : double inverted corner. This is similar to my ashtray design but with a second inversion of the 3 corner faces.

Image 3 : axolotl head. This is an old favorite. I made it and tried to make a body but have failed to do that well so made a series of animal heads on mounts. I just made this again to remind myself of how it is done.

Image 4 : Squid in construction. This is a partially finished squid. I cannot remember why i started this or why it isn't finished but my tube probably came into the station. I made a squid the other night for a friend, Gen. It is fun to show off.