Monday, 9 August 2010

Firstfold Mushroom

So I gave in and looked up mushroom designs online.  It was gooooood.  I found this set of images by firstfold and was genuinely hitting my head with the keyboard.  

I had come across stuff like it when making the chess set.  It is basically a piece of paper consertinad 16 times then you make a profile of half of the shape you want and then you expand the outer edge of the shape around and back onto itself.  Honestly that actually makes sense to me.

Anyway I loved the fact that I made a turtle while trying to make a mushroom and firstfold made a mushroom while trying to make an umbrella.

I simply added a ruffle to make it a little more atomic and presto.  Annoyingly I thought the stem should be taller so I had to make a second one.

I know an origami mushroom cloud is loaded.  I think I first started formulating this idea with Thomas Hirschorn's mushrooms in Drift Topography that I had the job of stopping from self destructing while it was on at the Tate.  I remember all the morning after style films and TV series when I was a kid and liked how playful his approach to the subject was.  I think that shape is a modern titan.

You can see from the photos there were 2 and they are both from 10cm square memo cube paper.  A bit silly really but somehow it seemed right if I could do it all at such an actual mushroom scale.   


Anonymous said...

That is amazingly cool.

Anonymous said...

MemoCube, I think you might like this: