Thursday, 30 October 2008

Cowboy Hat

So about 12 years ago I made the mistake of telling a friend, Liam that I could make just about anything in origami.  In my defence I had just finished making all the models in a book I had but there is no excuse for such things.  So he quite fairly asked for a cowboy hat.  I was floored.  About 6 years later I finally got it.  There is an image of it in the shop window on top of the black knight earlier this month.  

I was told that the Japanese folders just publish their crease diagrams and that this was quite annoying because it was almost impossible to figure out the folds from it.  I am thinking about doing a how to series on this design but have yet to do so but I have done a crease diagram and it is quite pretty, sorry. 


benhell said...

Strange name which was chosen for this title fits in with the aesthetics and half of the overall package. The picture shows the typical tour. Excellent sound quality.


Anonymous said...

HI I would like to use this design for my fashion show this month could you please make a tutorial?????