Thursday, 16 October 2008


Well  the opening happened last night and it was fun.  Thank you Rachael, Louise and Rosemary for having me. Thank you for the tunes Jaime, and thanks to those who came along, and thank you to Dave and Ellie for the help too.  So much thanks.

So... here's what I learned yesterday.  I know very little and I need to read,  listen and think more.
These are great things to learn.  I failed in my initial promise to make the whole thing an accessible paper folding foray and got nervous and show-offy and put a bunch of pieces that I am actually quite happy with on display. I plan more butterflies I promise.  

I sidelined my butterfly to show off and in a way I had to do it.  I was nervous and excited and self conscious.  While at the opening Larry showed me an origami butterfly (need more info to put link in here) which frankly did more with less and became a bear... so cool.  It also taught me that you can make a flapping version of my butterfly by folding back its wings and pressing on its spine.  

My shambling bat upside down looks like scooby doo and I am looking into ways to make the butterfly more a part of the shop and show.

Yes Simon I will put in photographs of the show soon.

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